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(504) 297-5146
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102 Avenue G Belle Chasse LA, 70037

Scroll down to view our personnel and department directory.

Main Office Number

Call: 504-297-5146

Charles J. Ballay

District Attorney
Call: 504-297-5146

Sarah Petkovich

DA Exec Asst/Traffic Diversion Coordinator
Call: 504-297-5150

Robert M. White

First Assistant, Division B Felony
Call: 504-297-5146

Jerry J. Lobrano

Atty, Div A Misdemeanor, Div B Wildlife & Fisheries
Call: 504-297-5146

Edward R. McGowan

Attorney, Division A Felony
Call: 504-297-5146

Mary Slavich-Touzet

Attorney, Juvenile Court
Call: 504-297-5146

Sarah Ansardi-Tesvich

Attorney, Misdemeanor Division B
Call: 504-297-5146

John C. Carlton

Chief Investigator
Call: 504-297-5142

Mandrel R. Pansy, Jr.

Investigator/Adult Diversion Coordinator
Call: 504-297-5144

Patty Guey

Investigator/Trial Assistant Division A Felony
Call: 504-297-5147

Lorene Yuratich

Accounting/Purchasing/Hot Check Program
Call: 504-297-5141

Tamara M. Davis

Trial Assistant Division B Felony
Call: 504-297-5148

Chanda Barthelemy

Trial Assistant Division A Misdemeanor
Call: 504-297-5153

Viktorijia Dekovic

Trial Assistant Division B Misdemeanor
Call: 504-297-5148

Bonnie Bondi

Domestic Violence Trial Assistant/Victim Assistance
Call: 504-297-5169

Donna D. Prest

Domestic Violence Diversion Coordinator
Call: 504-297-5290

Rhonda D. Bondi

Juvenile Trial Assistant, Diversion Coordinator, Secretary
Call: 504-297-5162

Rae Riley

Victim Assistance Coordinator, Project L.E.A.D.
Call: 504-297-5163

Kalan Barthelemy

Receptionist/Restitution/Ticket Intake
Call: 504-297-5146

Rosemary Temple

Records/Archiving/Software Support
Call: 504-297-5168